scarredwill said: Are there any scenes that you would prefer Connie lines coming from? I have a very strong feeling it will be mostly one-liners.

Oh goodness, I actually do think we have a Connie Audition thing ready, I just haven’t gotten around to getting it all up yet. Let me check.

pedroisking said: Also, what character have you gotten the most auditions for?

Levi, originally, but now that Levi is cast,
it’s mostly Armin.

We NEED to cast these primary three, but there needs to be a bigger range of auditions to choose from first.

pedroisking said: Hey, I was just wondering how many auditions have you actually gotten?


penguin-in-a-box said: So just out of curiosity, are you all still taking auditions? (This account has kinda been quiet for a while.) And if so, for Armin? And would you consider a girl for that role? (Well aren't I just fullllll of questions.)

Yes, we are!


Yes, but only if it sounded really genuine. There also is no lack of females to cast, we need those too.

scarredwill said: So I was wondering how auditions for more minor characters like Thomas work. Are they just based off of the auditions for main characters?

Oh goodness!
We’re actually planning on audition materials soon, but to be honest we’re focusing on people in the first episode first.

However if one wants to submit an ensemble audition just with various lines from the show that they gather, feel free.

I’ll be conversing with the writers here in a moment asking for a cast list for the first episode

Anywho! There should be audition materials.
I might get to putting up more of those soon.

thebestkickassasian said: Hello! I'm really interested in auditioning for Sasha, but I see that the only lines for her are her more comedic lines. Is there a possibility that there can be more dramatic lines for Sasha?

Trust us.

The auditions are testing things, even if you can’t see what.
That’s why there are auditions!

Go ahead and audition! We haven’t had many Sashas! We’d love to hear!


(or just visit the blog and click GUIDELINES)


We mentioned a while ago about a few roles being Cast.

They are now confirmed and are as follows.

Jean Kirstein
Voiced by: Steven Walsh (

Keith Shadis
Voiced by: Don Wayne (

Levi Rivaille
Voiced by: Basil Vendryes (Silverknux1991)

Hanji Zoe
Voiced by: 33 (

Please Note:
We’re pretty picky with auditions, especially me, as the director.
I personally am looking for some very strong talent, or the ability to take good direction.


The absolute best thing to do if you want to get cast is audition for everything here. Let us see your range of ability, and see where you’re a good fit. Chances are one of your auditions will stick.

askjaegervoice said: Hey im just wondering I just found the cast link and there are no actors listed. Wondering whats open!

OH! Whoops! That needs to be updated!

MOST main roles are open.

I believe our LEVI, JEAN, SHADIS, and HANJI have been cast!


Proud to announce that a couple auditions were just selected.

Auditions are still open for many parts AND WE NEED AUDITIONS FOR ALL OF THEM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Depending on if we hear back from the VA’s we’ll announce roles.

Congratulations in advance to those cast.

NOT ALL ROLES WERE CAST, By the way. Only 3-4

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